Made it down I-95 and I-4 to Orlando and Disney World. Must say riding in an RV beats pulling a trailer, which is what I got to do once we got to Florida, and we switched drivers and riders. Taking this trip has me sold on getting an RV.

Not much of an adventure getting here. Hit a few storms, but nothing too bad. The iPad helped us track the weather, and I got a big kick out of that.

Once at the site, set up quickly (covered in sweat from the post storm humid air), and took a swim in the campground pool, before heading out to ride the Monorail and get a bite to eat. Joey was exhausted and Amy and him stayed behind, but the rest of us all got a big treat coming back to the campground when we met who else but Captain Hook getting off the boat woe were getting on. Bobby got a kick out of that.

Time to rest more to come.