With one last day at Disney, we made a big push to hit the last two parks on our to do list. In the morning we visited Animal Kingdom, and that afternoon was Hollywood studios. We left the campsites by 8ish, and were at the parks the rest of the day until after midnight.

At Animal Kingdom we were able to make it onto the Safari Ride, Everest coaster, Dinosaur experience, Bug’s Life Movie, and even eat lunch. Bobby voted against Everest and opted out. It and later The Tower of Terror were the only rides he opted out on. Poor Joey was too short for both of those. Otherwise I think he would have gone on them both. Everest was easily my favorite ride of the whole trip. Space Mountain is a close second, but it is hard to beat the surprises of a train attacked by a Yeti.

The rest of the day was spent in Hollywood Studios. Unfortunately, too much of that time was spent in the line for the Toy Story Ride. Since we were at Animal Kingdom in the morning, all the FastPasses were gone. The line was over 2 hours long. In hindsight, we should have done other things. Other than that the rest of the day was filled with the Indiana Jones Show, Star Tours ride, The Tower of Terror. The boys favorite of the whole trip may have been the Star Wars ride. Joey and Bobby both really thought they were on a trip piloted by a droid having a very bad first day on the job. In fact, they .rode it twice.

To end our trip we stayed late for the Fantasmic show, which filled up for the 9pm show at least 30 minutes early. We made it into the late showing and we happy we did. This was my first time actually getting in to the show, and it is easily my favorite show of all time. It is hard to describe, but basically it is like seeing Mickey Mouse having a dream that is taken over by evil characters.

In all, I got to just about everything I wanted. My only wish may have to see a few more characters for Joey, who seemed to enjoy them the most. He was very sad not to get to meet Woody and Buzz who were leaving as we arrived to their spot late. Oh well, something for the next trip.