In Atlanta visiting, and decided to take the Boys to the Atlanta Aquarium. It was a great experience. The big hit was getting a chance to see the only Whale Sharks in an aquarium in the US.

Heading out for the trip I decided to check for an iPad App for the Aquarium, since I was taking our new iPad for the trip downtown. Lots of museums are starting to create tours as Apps to enhance the visit for people. I did not find an App for the aquarium but did find a podcast that I downloaded. The podcasts was organized in different episodes for the different areas of the aquarium. Being the tech person I am I liked enhancing the tour with my own audio of details about what I was looking at.

I know lots of other museums have created podcasts such as this, and that gave me an idea for this year in my classroom. Since I teach in a one to one computing classroom students can research, write and record their own 2-3 minute pieces as part of a classroom “virtual” aquarium. Part of the fifth grade science standards that I teach require student to learn about different ecosystems. What I’m thinking of doing will be a different approach to a research project with the goal of creating a podcast for “pretend” aquarium using information from researching.

Earlier I blogged about using the summer to gather fresh ideas for teaching. Teachers are always looking for new approaches to instruction, and sometimes a family trip turns out to be more than just a trip.