Playing ‘Factor Field’

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Today we played an activity called ‘Factor Field.’ We are finishing up our study of Math Fluency and practicing to get faster at multiplying and dividing with basic facts. The activity we did today allowed students to rehearse their facts, practice our new strategies, and see if they are getting better and faster.

Here’s a look at what ‘Factor Field’ looked like.


How ‘We’ Learn the Times Tables

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One of the great things I like about our new math series that we started using last year is the way that students learn to become leaders in the classroom through group activities and exercises. Students this year will learn to teach each other as we go through lessons and concepts. In fact, the more the students act like teachers the better they will do.

This past week we began studying the Times Tables for patterns instead of attempting to memorize the facts. Students worked with partners in their own “Math Talks” as they teach each other before any class instruction. It is amazing to see what they learned even before the teacher began teaching the patterns.

The following are some clips of what our class has been doing this week in math. I hope you see how much the students are doing instead of the teacher! The students re still getting used to being the teachers and in charge of the learning. There is still plenty to learn and rehearse, but I think you will find this interesting.