Things have been hoping at my school these past two weeks as we have
been putting together our final preparations for a Palmetto's Finest
visit tomorrow. Our school has been working hard so that the visitors
get a chance to see some of all the great things we do to make Pontiac
a great school.

My room hardly ever looks this good, but with company coming it is
time to put things together. I was proud of our school and students
today as I looked around at the great work teachers have put on
display. While the displays look nicer than usual, the teaching and
learning shown by the students work is not unusual.

In my room, our recent Geometry HW projects are up and hanging. They
look awesome. The Symmetry Nature Collections, Scientific Rotations
Research and Tile Pattern Drawings really came out nice. In the hall
our Ecosystem Projects from a few weeks ago, show off how students
have been learning to conduct inquiry through research and independent
reading. And to top it all off I've set up a laptop with the Organisms
Movies we made last week on a running loop.

To be honest, I'm both impressed and proud! Way to go Pontiac! I hope
for the best with tomorrow's visit, but we don't need the award to
make our school a great place. I believe we have done that already!