This past Saturday about 30 students from Pontiac in the 3rd, 4th and 5th grades competed against other students from across South Carolina in a MathFest competition. At the event students competed in both a team event and an individual competition. Students worked to solve word problems racing against time and in an effort to out last other students by keeping hold of tickets by getting answers correct.

The Fourth Grade MathFest team.

My crazy Fifth Grade team.

This was my first trip to a school math competition, and I must admit I had no idea what we were getting into! Many times I repeated to our 10 student team that this was going to be a learning experience… Just try to have fun.

Technology makes waiting fun for Ben and Mike.

The fourth grade team getting ready to compete?

Fourth grader Bella getting ready with her dry erase board.

I think we succeeded in that! From what I could see, we had the most fun of any team there. Considering the amount of hard math thinking taking place, the level of competition, and nerves it was amazing to still see smiling faces. It is not easy giving up a Saturday to spend hours working on really hard math problems, but our students did!

A quick division cram session with Katie’s Dad before the fifth grade division begins.

Matthew hard at work!

Chloe and Grace during the team competition.

Zemirah’s team finished up the team competition with a smile.

Amanda puts the last touch on her answer before time runs out.

In fact, not only did the team have a great time, we even had four students from Pontiac make it through to the next level… The regional MathFest in Atlanta in two weeks.

Lexi won in the Fourth Grade Division!

Ben, Kamryn, and Payton will represent Pontiac from the Fifth Grade Group!

I would like to thank all of our Pontiac students who came to MathFest. Also I’d like to give a special thanks to our fifth grade team – Amanda, Katie, Ben, Matthew, Zemirah, Michael, Grace, Payton, Chloe, and Kamryn. Also congratulations to Lexie in Fourth and Ben, Payton, and Kamryn in Fifth for winning and passing to Regionals in two weeks in Atlanta.

Post competition ice cream rules!

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