In my opinion, cooking with your child may be one of the best learning opportunities ever. This past month, we have used cooking as a learning opportunity in both math and science instruction. Cooking is an important experience in learning measurement skills for math, and learning the properties of mixtures and solutions in science. Honestly, cooking is basic chemistry that is fun, since you get to eat!

About a week ago, my afternoon class was invited to cook with Mrs. Walker’s class. We jumped at the opportunity, and I cannot stress how important this activity became. We ended up baking three different recipes of cake. Students we on charge of following the directions of the different recipes, figuring out the measurements, and mixing the cake batter.

As the cakes baked, this gave us a chance to discuss the ways a cake is a mixture, and how the heat from baking forces a chemical change that cannot be reversed. Ever try getting the sugar or eggs back from cake after baking? I don’t think it can be done.

The best part was getting to our school work! So, take some time to cook with your children. Your child’s teacher will thank you.

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