SOD: Rocket By Def Leppard


I chose today’s song because it’s the second to last Shuttle Liftoff today. It’s hard for me to believe the Shuttle Program is coming to and.


SOD: Wander This World By Johnny Lang


Today’s song is from a very interesting Blues Singer. I heard his music before I knew anything about this artist. I was shocked when I first saw what he looked like. He looks very different than he sounds. Johnny Lang started selling records and touring with Blues Artists at age 14!

SOD: Right Field by Peter Paul and Mary


This is one of my favorite songs because it reminds me of when I used to play little league baseball. Baseball is one of my favorite sports, and I like listening to this song and remembering how much fun I had growing up playing baseball. I was a catcher, not a right fielder! Also I like the happy ending.

Newton’s First Law in Action

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What do a paper cup, index card, and a skateboard have in common?

Well… In my class this week, they are tools we’ve used to discover the nature of Isaac Newton’s First Law of Motion. Also known as inertia, it states that an object in motion stays in motion, and an objects at rest stays at rest. To test this law and see it real life we conducted two labs.

First off we learned how to get a small cube to drop into a paper cup from on top of an index card. The trick was doing this with out touch the cube. This ended up a lot like the old dinner party trick of pulling a table cloth out from under a stack of dishes.

Learning to accurately and quickly strike the index card with a flick was the big key. By forcing the card to move with a well placed push, the card moved but the cube stayed in place. Voila! Inertia.

Next we moved to a real test of motion by looking at how the surface effects how a skateboard travels. Students developed a plan to look at how a skateboard moves across carpet, tile, and concrete.

This test also gave us an opportunity to study unseen forces like friction and gravity.

Students took careful measurements of different tests on each surface to discover how a smooth surface allows a skateboard to travel further by reducing the amount friction between the wheels and ground.

This may seem like a lot of common sense, but as we learned from pioneers like Newton and Galileo it is important to test out our ideas rather than simply assume we have the correct idea like the ancients Greeks!

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SOD: Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd


Okay this song has been requested by a number of people. And since it’s on my iPad I decided to give in!

Trivia Question: Do you know how the band came up with their name?

SOD Get Lifted By John Legend


Let me know what you think.

SOD: Susie Q By Credence Clearwater Revival


Turned on the shuffle feature on my iPad and this popped up. Haven’t listened to this song in awhile. So, here is some good Ol’ Classic Rock and Roll for today.

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