Even though it is the end of another school year, there are still plenty of loose ends I would like to tie up before letting another group head to middle school. One of the projects that I would like to bring closure to is our Blue Track Inquiry. During our last science unit on Force and Motion, students conducted investigations using toy car racetracks.

One of the components of the project was for students to simply play with and explore different possibilities of the Blue Track race equipment. Before attempting to explore some of the more complicated standards of the unit, like inertia, friction and the affect of mass and force on moving objects, students were given time to just have a little fun.

In the video clip I have prepare you will see a loud classroom with lots of m movement. Honestly, this is something that I difficulty with as a teacher under normal circumstances, but in the case of this inquiry I felt it necessary to let things go… A little… For one or two days at least.

I am a tad reluctant to post the video. Not that the students are doing the wrong thing. In fact, for the m ost part they are doing the exact thing I requested. Don’t get the wrong impression. Look carefully and you might agree with me that just because a room is noisy and students are away from seats does not mean they are not learning.

Check the link below to watch the clip. I hope you agree.

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