Is there such a place as Dog Island? Can I really find an island just for my dog’s vacation?

Today we will be looking at ways of judging whether a website can be trusted. Students are starting to use their netbooks for different types of research and we need to take some time to explore and discuss what we can trust on the internet.

Here is a link to a presentation by Chris Betcher on the 5 questions to ask when using a website for research.

Also, we will be using the google search syntax tool called linkto: to see if other websites trust the site we are using.

Here is a list of  other sites we will be looking at to judge their trustworthy factor. Check them out and report back if you think they are real or fake. Remember to use the 5Points from the presentation and the linkto:syntax. – The Northwest Tree Octopus – The Pacific Tree Frog – Federal Vamprie and Zombie Agency – Save the Guinea Worm – Guinea Farm