As a teacher, I want to keep parents informed, and include them in what is happening at school. The old fashion printed newsletter rarely gets read any more. My experience is that more often than not the paper gets lost. I want modern communication tools to make this simpler.

But the plain simple truth is that is not always the case. As new technology has developed, I have looked into a number of different methods. Blogs, Texting Services, Facebook groups, online calendars, wikis and email groups promised to be the next great thing. I have found that managing all these separate accounts is a nightmare. My parents are never sure where to look, and I find myself desperately searching for the time to keep up with it all.

Recently while attending the National Montessori Conference in Philadelphia, I had the pleasure of meeting the developers of a web-based social platform that solves my problems. Bloomz.

Bloomz is the app that does it all for teachers. I downloaded the app and immediately started my new online community. Before I even made it back to school, I had parents joining. In less than a week, my entire class was connected!

Now, when I want to share, it’s simple. I open my Bloomz app. I can post classroom projects, ask parent questions, send text messages as a group or individually, create calendar events, or even sign up volunteers. And since I’m doing this all in one place, it takes less time.

Parents seem just as excited. Since, Bloomz is an app, parents travel with my class each day as they go about their busy schedule. They never have to worry again about what they might be missing out on. Even parents that don’t have smart phones stay connected using the computers. And since Bloomz sends email updates to anyone invited to the community, even parents that don’t sign up receive information daily.

I was skeptical at first about the claims Bloomz was making. I have tested other tools out and ended up being sorely disappointed weeks or months later. Bloomz has not been that way. It has delivered on every promise. In fact, I have been so pleased with this app, I have been telling just about any teacher I know to give it a try. Our school is so pleased, everyone in our program is getting on board with the hopes that by the start of next school year we will have all our i in one place – Bloomz.

visit to download the app.


Tim Swick
Pontiac Elementary School

Montessori Upper El
twitter: itecswick