Friday Recap

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Last Friday was a one of a kind day for us. It featured lots of never before seen activities.
The fourth years sponsored an Explorer Debate in front of other Montessori students and parents. It was an interesting experiment in the unique ways students can demonstrate understandings. I was proud of the hard work. The kids were very nervous speaking in public like that. We plan to try this idea again and work more in effective communication.

The fifth years held an open forum on the issues of public policy for Westward Expansion. It was a lively meeting with all the many groups settling the west taking part. I enjoyed seeing some good thinking about the issues of building, mining, and homesteading and the effects this had on people and the environment. 
As as if this was not enough, we also had an “I Wonder” in a baking theme. Kate brought in muffins for the class to taste test as she explored how baking soda affects the taste. We were quite surprised to find the taste did not change, but the texture did. The class all agreed the batch with the most baking soda had the right texture! 


Hydroponics Update

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It’s been awhile so I think I should update our progress on hydroponics. Sadly the cucumbers did not develop as we’d wanted. I pulled the plug in them today. Cut down the vines and cleaned out the tank. I’m not sure why they did not grow properly. We had lots of blooms, and hand pollinated everyday. I think it’s a design flaw in the garden. I plan to dismantle this design and try something else in January after winter break.
The other garden is looking good! The plants are near full size. We have plenty of jalapeƱo peppers starting to pop. No green just yet, but hopefully that will change soon. Here are some new pics.