Next week students in my class will take the MAP test in Math and Reading. We will take the Math Portion on Monday morning at 9am and the Reading Portion on Tuesday at 9am as well.

I am conferencing with students this week about their fall scores and spring goals. I am sharing advice about how to best improve. Two common pieces of advice are for students to read the “Informational” text selections more carefully, and to use sound thinking when doing the harder math problems by working problems on paper with strategies such as number lines and area models.

As we move into testing this spring, I fully expect this class to show high progress. I am very proud of our work this year, and I have seen lots of individual growth. However, I also feel it important to share that I see your children as much more than a test score. The tests we take do not assess all that makes us special and unique. The test does not know your children as well as I do, and it does not know how awesome our families are at Pontiac. The scores we get will tell us something, but not everything about your child. The tests will not define us. There are many ways of being smart.

I will share this message with students next week as well, but please take time to share with your children about how it is important to do their best and not give up when taking these tests, but that there is no way to measure how awesome they really are. What makes them special is not a multiple choice answer.