First Great Lesson in Upper El

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First Great Lesson in Upper ElFirst Great Lesson: The BeginningToday, we continued a long standing Montessori tradition by sharing the story of The Beginning. We looked at how our universe came to be and investigated big questions about science using a story passed down from teacher to teacher that began with Maria many years ago. 


The Recipe for Success

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The Recipe for SuccessToday students focused on how to guarantee success through good habits. We discussed how our positive energy, a solid plan and proper time management create a path for learning. Following this discussion students designed Marshmallow Towers in collaborative groups to demonstrate the power of this concept. We made plans today and will complete the projects tomorrow. 


Random Acts of Kindness

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Random Acts of KindnessI caught this wonderful act during car rider dismissal today. Meera lent a shoulder to a student who needed a rest after a busy day! It’s the little things like this we need to notice. Thanks Meera for being so kind. 


My High of the Day

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Each day we take time to reflect on our day by sharing Highs and Lows. Today, my favorite thing was watching students connect during Take a Seat Find a Friend. This activity allowed students to find ways to develop relationships with one another. It really helped break the ice and is a first step in our class effort to develop a caring community​


First Day Back

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First Day Back!We had a super first day back to school, and have an excellent start to the 2016-2017 school year. We spent our time working on covering big topics like the importance of setting goals and having a vision in order to reach our highest potential. 

We looked at a book called The Energy Bus, which taught us ways to harness positive thinking and how importance the efforts of kindness and love can be.

This will be a year full of exciting new opportunities so it is important to control our attitudes and bring our positive effort everyday.